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"I don't know how else to say it, but the two massages I had from Annie were the best I ever had. Annie is very professional in her approach to the work she does. I feel very safe in her capable hands. I could follow her fingers finding all the little knots and dealing with them as if they were ice on a hot sunny day. It's not always easy to trust another human to touch sore parts of my body. Annie seems to feel intuitively exactly what is needed. 
Thanks so much for your help Annie, much appreciated."

- Ludwig

"Annie is intuitive and professional; not just your ordinary, run of the mill therapist. She gave me spot on advice about my body that really encouraged me to be more aware of my physical self. I always feel physically and emotionally improved after my sessions and would highly recommend Annie - she is an outstanding, high quality therapist."

- Rhonda, The Travelling Shaman

"I know Annie is an excellent therapist. I have been treating people myself for 15 years. I run a very busy and successful practice. Annie has been my first intern and in the past year has absorbed an enormous amount of skill that gives her an ability way beyond her years of practice. Annie is intuitive, conscientious and works with professional integrity. She has worked on me many times and done a great job.. and I am fussy!"

- Michele, Dynamic Balance

"I have been suffering with hyperemesis ,with variable intensity, all through my pregnancy. I started seeing Annie hoping massage would help and ease off some of the discomfort, and it worked! After every session I felt relaxed and nausea stayed away for a few hours each time and the days I got a massage I never vomited. This beneficial effect was short lived but nonetheless very powerful.

One time I arrived at Annie’s feeling very sick and I thought I was going to have to leave the session but after 20 minutes or so in the session I started feeling much better and even the stomach relaxed and I stopped feeling nauseated."

- Erika

“I have seen Annie a few times now for pregnancy massage, she really is a wonderful therapist that takes time to listen and address any aches and pains. Annie has not only helped me relax physically she has also provided both practical and emotional support which has in turn given me the confidence to progress through my pregnancy and make any choices I have needed to with confidence. Thank you”

- Heather

“Hi Annie! This is to say a big thank you to you! I came to you on Monday evening with a sore lower back. I'm indebted to you as after a couple of days can honestly say feel it's on the mend. Can't stress how much I appreciate your skill. You must be made aware how important it is to us folk. 
Also thanks for fielding my initial enquiries when you were on holiday!”

- Marie