a massage therapist gives a woman a back massage

Price List

Complementary therapies:

  • 1 hour = £50

  • 1.5 hours = £70

  • 2 hours = £90

10% discount available for block bookings of 4.

There is an extra charge for home visits, according to your specific location. Concession rates are available upon request. These are reserved for those on particularly low income/sickness benefit etc. Please do not hesitate to ask.

More information about the treatments I offer can be found here.

For all massage treatments in the Edinburgh clinic, costs and booking info can be found here.


Costs for Doula work

The standard Birth Package costs £800. Information about what that includes can be found here. 2 postnatal sessions are included, with nourishing home-cooked food. Extra Postnatal sessions are charged hourly (see below).

Concession rates can be made available for those on lower incomes.

(Upon booking, a deposit of £100 is required to secure your on-call period.)

Prenatal support, surplus to what is offered as a part of your Doula package, is charged at £20 per hour.
Postnatal support is charged at £20 per hour, for a minimum of 2 hours per visit. 

*Fuel and parking fees are billed extra, if needed. 


For all other services, please ask for prices.