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Complementary Therapies

If you are looking for holistic treatments or massage therapies to support your well-being, you can find a range of complementary therapies below to suit your needs. There are therapies to ease muscle tension, relax the nervous system, reduce stress or soothe pain. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs following an in depth consultation. Feel free to get in touch to find out more info or book an initial consultation!

Pregnant Woman in Underwear
  • Suitable for all stages during the antenatal time, from conception onward.

  • Gentle, non-invasive, soothing, relaxing and nourishing.

  • Deeply benefits the pregnant person and supports their entire well being and health.

  • Each treatment can be altered and adjusted to suit your needs, even if you are experiencing "high risk" symptoms.

  • Can help ease a range of common complaints e.g. back pain, morning sickness, cramps etc.

  • Massage can be available during your labour to help manage intense sensations, and in the postnatal period to support your recovery.

  • Specially selected natural oils are used directly on the skin, for a superbly grounding full body experience.

  • The treatment focuses on full body Swedish massage, with additional techniques from lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, shiatsu and Yoga.

(For more information about specific Doula services for the antenatal time, click here.) 

Using a range of techniques from:​

  • Swedish/Holistic massage

  • Acupressure

  • Shiatsu

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Remedial massage

  • Deep Tissue massage

Suitable for easing muscle tension, improving circulation, reducing pain and relaxing stress.

Deeply restores and balances the nervous system to a more restful state, promoting healing and overall wellbeing.

Specially selected natural oils and balms are used directly on the body, which nourishes the skin, eases tension and calms the nervous system.

A massage therapist gives a woman a back massage.
Feet at spa pedicure procedure
  • A traditional massage focused on the feet (or hands).

  • Blends massage and pressure point work.

  • Encourages balance to the energetic, nervous and hormonal systems of the body.

  • Promotes good circulation

  • Releases tension and pain from the lower limbs.

  • Deeply relaxing.

  • Wonderful during Pregnancy.

a hand touching the leaf from a medicinal plant.

Annie makes her own high quality herbal massage oils and healing balms, crafted from wild and organically cultivated herbs that she grows, harvests and processes at her home. The herbs are collected with great care, intention and respect, before being macerated in a nourishing carrier oil for one lunar cycle. Vitamin E oil is added for its nourishing and anti-oxidant effects and pure, organic, essential oils finish off each product.

The healing components of the herbs are infused into the oil and, when applied to the skin, these healing benefits are absorbed by the body. 

Annie uses her own herbal oils and balms in all of her treatments and will select oils based upon the needs of her clients. They are available to buy in the "Shop" section of this website.

  • Massage for the head, neck, shoulders and face.

  • Promotes circulation of blood, lymph and nerves.

  • Balances the energy body.

  • Promotes deep relaxation.

  • Beneficial for anyone feeling strain in the upper body, feeling stressed, overworked, tired or "in their head". 

  • Encourages strong, healthy hair growth.

  • Wonderfully beneficial during Pregnancy.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa
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