Hello, I'm Annie.

I have a deep love for nature and the wild outdoors.

Life excites me.

Whether it is through dancing, singing, music, cooking or play, I enjoy the art of creative expression as a celebration of life. 

I am passionate about Herbal Medicine and can regularly be found foraging and growing herbs or making herbal oils, teas and tinctures. 


I truly care about those around me and feel a humble sense of joy and gratitude in supporting my clients. My empathetic nature and peaceful energy shine through my work and I strive to be there for my clients so that they can feel empowered, listened to and cared for. 


If you need bodywork, or support for a transition in your life, then I would be more than happy to help. 

I offer:​

  • Massage & Complementary Therapies

  • Pregnancy/Birth/Postnatal Massage

  • Support for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Support for the Postnatal time

  • Support for abortion, miscarriage & stillbirth

  • Home visits

  • Homemade herbal massage oils & creams

  • Pregnancy "Bump" paintings in Henna


I am based in Angus, Scotland.

Annie is intuitive and professional; not just your ordinary, run of the mill therapist. She gave me spot on advice about my body that really encouraged me to be more aware of my physical self. I always feel physically and emotionally improved after my sessions and would highly recommend Annie - she is an outstanding, high quality therapist.

Rhonda, The Centre for Creative Shamanism

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