Annie is a Complementary Therapist, Massage Therapist, Doula & Yoga Teacher based in Fife, Scotland.


Her bodywork focuses on supporting her clients to enter a deep state of relaxation, easing muscle tension and stress. Her treatments restore the "rest and recover" aspect of the nervous system, promoting the body's own natural healing mechanisms. Whether you need help sleeping, want to reduce the effects of stress, ease pain or simply to feel pampered, Annie is here for you. 

She currently offers massage therapy as home visits in Fife and in the clinic in Edinburgh City Centre.

As a Doula, she offers her services to support you and your partner during your journey through pregnancy, birth and into the postnatal time.

Annie is a registered Yoga Teacher and offers a range of Yoga classes to suit all levels, including Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation and more. Her Hatha Yoga classes provide the tools necessary to develop not only physical strength, awareness and flexibility, but also a deeper sense of inner joy, peace and confidence. Annie is currently developing her skills as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

Annie Minnaar, a complementary therapist and massage therapist, stands smiling under a vine.
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"Annie is very professional in her approach to the work she does. I feel very safe in her capable hands. I could follow her fingers finding all the little knots and dealing with them as if they were ice on a hot sunny day. It's not always easy to trust another human to touch sore parts of my body. Annie seems to feel intuitively exactly what is needed."

- Ludwig

"What exactly is a Doula?"

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Full Spectrum

Pregnant Woman holds her belly on a grassy hill at sunset.

"Annie is a calm and warm hearted woman who has a wealth of knowledge to share not in the least about safe and nurturing use of herbal remedies. I have always been impressed with her ability to understand the plants from seed through to use post harvest. She has rare patience, steadiness and any families who have her perinatal and/or birth support will be fortunate indeed."


- Marie B