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Body Massage

Includes techniques from deep tissue and Swedish styles, mixed with myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, shiatsu and more. Treatments are tailored to specific needs and help to encourage and promote optimum circulation of blood and lymph, the removal of toxins from the muscles, the release of tension and stress held in the body and calming the nervous system to a more restful state. 

Performed using oils.

Indian Head Massage

A traditional style of massage for the head, neck, shoulders and face. Promotes circulation of blood, lymph and nerves as well as the balance of the energy body. Using hands on massage to release tension across the fascia and in the muscles, with focus on the head and scalp. This is beneficial for anyone feeling particular strain in the upper body, as well as for those feeling stressed, overworked, tired or "in their head". Can be performed with or without oils, over or under clothing. 


A traditional style of massage, which uses acupressure along the energy meridian lines of the feet or hands. A blend of massage and pressure point work, it encourages balance to the energy and hormonal systems of the body, while encouraging good circulation and the release of tension from the lower limbs. Deeply relaxing, it effectively encourages the nervous system to return to a more restful place, thus allowing the body to enter a healing state.

Aromatherapy Massage

After a thorough consultation, a unique blend of essential oils are chosen to suit your specific needs. Mixed with a carrier oil, they are applied over the entire body using strokes that encourage optimum circulation of blood and lymph, supporting the absorption of the oils into your system. Gentle, relaxing, soothing massage promotes nervous relaxation and supports the powerful benefit of the essential oils. Aromatherapy can benefit a wide range of symptoms and issues, ranging from insomnia to menstrual conditions. 

Pregnancy/Birth/Postnatal Massage

Suitable for all stages during pregnancy and beyond, this style of massage is gentle, non-invasive, soothing, relaxing and nourishing. Mixing styles from Shiatsu, Thai massage and Swedish massage, treatments can deeply benefit the pregnant mother and support her entire well being and health during this special (and sometimes challenging) time. Each treatment can be altered and adjusted to suit your needs, even if you are experiencing "high risk" symptoms. Please feel free to talk to me about what is going on for you and how best massage can help support you. Massage can also be available during your labour to help manage intense sensations, and postnatal to help your recovery. I also offer couples sessions, teaching simple, effective techniques for labour.